Tips and trics

Printing without page breaks on large sheets of paper (f.i. 126 x 15.7 inch/320 x 40 cm)   
This is possible by 'printing' the output to a so called postscript-file. To do so you must first install a postscript-printerdriver on your PC. When you launch All in the Family Tree! you can select the postscript-printer as your current printer. When you start to print, the printer driver will prompt you to enter a filename. The generated postscript file can be printed on special printers which support large sheets of paper. There are specialized companies which provide chart printing services. For instance: Wholly Genes Software. On the website of this company you will find precise instructions how to make a postscript file.


Distributing charts as PDF-files via the internet
This is possible by sending the chart output to a postscript file instead of to the attached printer. (see above). It is also possible to use the Acrobat PDF-Writer to send the chart output directly to a PDF-file. You can present these files for downloading to the visitors of your website. They can look to your chart or they can print the chart with the Acrobat PDF-Reader.


Example 1: Ancestors of Prince William of England (8.27 x 39.7 inch/20.9 x 100 cm);
Example 2: Pedigree Chart of Prince William of England (13.7 x 35.4 inch/35 x 90 cm)

Click here to download Adobe's Acrobat-Reader.